Home Sweet Colorado

In July, I took a two week trip home to Colorado. It was glorious! Here’s what I saw/did:

There were beautiful Aspens.

An amazing birthday dinner for the brother at Table 6.

Some red necking. (Everyone from Texas knows how to drive a tractor…)

Some Broadway.

Some hiking with my mama.

An amazing Vegan BBQ Sandwich.

And lots and lots of other small glorious moments. Sigh. I just love Colorado!

A short walk to Brooklyn

I just had the loveliest lunch at Brooklyn, a new spot on St. Viateur between St. Laurent and Casgrain. While I’ve never been to actual Brooklyn, I’d imagine this place isn’t far off from what you’d find along the gentrified streets of Williamsburg. It’s small counter and even smaller seating area provides for an intimate place to people watch while you enjoy your lunch. While you’re waiting for your order, make sure to walk around the design studio in the back – Brooklyn offers a really nice mix of vintage furniture and colorful home goods, all of which are for sale.

I chose the Mezze plate, which was a delicious mix of salty and savory tapas and spreads. I didn’t complain when I was served enough fresh, crunchy bread for two people, either.

Also, after an extremely tough week I found a little comfort in both the ritual of tea, and the message on the bag.

The trio behind the counter were kind and accommodating, doling out extra bread and refills for whomever asked. I love places that have that “something special” feel, and feel lucky that this one is only two blocks from my house.

71 St. Viateur Street
Open Lunch M-F