On Cars, Men and Montreal

Okay, this Américaine would like an answer on a very trivial matter. There are lots and I mean LOTS of cars here in Montreal that appear to be almost brand new but don’t have rims.

Like this one.

And this one!

So my very unimportant question is – do car dealers here sell such a stripped down version of the car that it doesn’t come with rims, or is this some sort of cool guy thing for Montreal? Either way, I just don’t get it!

Other things of note from the past two weeks:

1. Everyone here (except for 2 isolated and hopefully coincidental incidents with STM workers) is extremely nice, polite and genuinely helpful. Even strangers. Example: If you don’t want all of that tree killing junk mail in your mailbox, all you have to do is put up a sign and the flyer distributors actually see it, accept it, and skip your house! Mon dieu this would never happen in the States!


2. Everyone here has an iPhone. 80 year old women. Construction workers. Babies. EVERYONE. Such a far cry from New Mexico where everyone has flip phones. I know this, of course, because I watch Breaking Bad.

2. Not many people wear jeans. If they do, they are tailored or skinny. I have yet to see a person who looks like they left the house wearing the same thing they woke up, which was a daily occurrence in Denver. Pajama pants and a hoodie does not an outfit make! This brings me to….

4. The Men! Montreal men look amazing. They might look hungover as hell (hey, this is a really fun town!) but still have on tailored pants, a button up shirt or sweater with a blazer and interesting shoes. It’s really all about the shoes and they all look fantastic. When the weather gets a bit warmer I’m going to hang out on St. Laurent and photograph them.

…But In the meantime I’m headed to New York for the Montreal Impact game where I plan on photographing my lovely friend Lauren in her new hipster apartment in Chinatown. This brings me to one last very unimportant question: How much booze I can legally bring back across the border into Canada?


Café Souvenir

Another new friend, Lori, invited me to have lunch in Outremont earlier this week which was great because I was so excited to finally meet her and also check out a new part of town. Outremont is only about a 10 minute walk from where I live in Mile End, and there’s lots to look at by the way of shops, restaurants and historic buildings. The lunch spot, Café Souvenir, was just charming.

The menu looks like a Passport, complete with vintage photos, and offers a fantastic variety of brunch and lunch foods at a reasonable cost (about $10/plate).

There is a bar area as well, where some locals were reading the paper and working on their laptops.

I chose the végé pâté maison (house veggie burger) on a brioche bun and came with a very large and appealing stack of french fries and homemade sauce. It was a really nice meal and a good amount of food for $11. In a sad turn of events, I was too full from the burger to finish the fries. Party foul!

Next time I go in, I’m going to have a big latte and a crêpe with gruyere and apples. The ladies behind me ordered one and I almost fell out of my chair trying to sniff the pan as it was whisked by…classy move! My walk home was nice and warm, with plenty to look at – I can’t wait to explore Outremont more.

DIY or dumpster diving?

I must really be desperate for furniture. Our moving truck isn’t coming until Wednesday, which means I haven’t slept in a real bed since March 8th. So when things like this happen, you look at other people’s garbage and think, “Well that’s a completely usable piece of furniture…I’ll just pick that right up and bring it along down to my chateau for a little TLC.” So that’s just what I did with my neighbor’s discarded wicker chair.

Et voila! Old becomes new with just a can of spray paint and a cushion. Total cost $20. Judge if you will, but my hiney is just thrilled to have something to sit on, even if it smells like Krylon.