Flowers of St. Urbain Street

My neighbors have been quite busy lately, and seeing as most of them are octogenarians who probably don’t use digital cameras or the internet, I thought I’d do a little showing off on their behalf. If I see them outside, I always stop to tell them what beautiful flowers they have. Now, I’ll show you!


Cookie Monster & the Ice Cream Queen

Okay, so Jackie and I weren’t terribly sad the museum lines were so long because it meant we got to completely splurge on treats from food trucks in Old Port.

Like Cookies. MMMMMM bonjour Monsieur Félix & Mr. Norton! This adorable truck was parked just down from the Science Museum and I couldn’t pass it up. This kid gets excited about a good cookie.

But first, how cute is this truck? And their menu! The names are cheeky (Menage a trois, Ebony & Ivory…) and their selection will satisfy the most ardent cookie fanatic. They even have clips of Cookie Monster from Sesame Street playing to get you all hyped up while you’re in line. Cooookkkies!

After I made my selection (Menage a trois of course, with a combo of milk, dark and white chocolate chips) and paid, the man working the truck asked me if Jackie was my personal photographer. Why yes, sir, yes she is. She follows me around all day. What an exciting job, no?!

With all of that hullabaloo out of the way, I got down to business. To be honest, the cookies (or biscuits en français) are pretty small for the price ($1.25). If they were $1 a pop, I probably would have tried three.

But, it was a damn good cookie. Slightly under baked, which is how I like it as the center stays soft and gooey. Trés bon!

I was still munching away on my cookie when Jackie spotted the Bilbouquet Ice Cream cart. Bilboquet is a bit of a Montréal institution, having opened in Outremont in 1983, so it has been on the must try list for awhile. Jackie made some friends in line, which, hey, is easy to do when you all know you’ll be consuming ice cream momentarily.

She chose Praline, and maybe because we’ve already been spoiled (multiple times) by Kem CoBa, wasn’t a huge fan. Her official review was “This doesn’t taste homemade, it tastes like it came out of a carton.”

And no, Jackie isn’t a giant. She just ordered the mini size!

So, there you have it. Being the discerning ice cream consumers that we are it’s safe to say we’ll try the Bilboquet in Outremont one more time, so hopefully it will be a bit more exciting the next go-around.

Our day ended with me getting to do something I’ve always wanted to do. Well, sort of. I really think that I would like to be a bus driver one day, and on Sunday I got see how it felt to get behind the wheel!

I also practiced my “Hey, get outta my lane!” face.

And then I went home and had happy dreams of driving big busses to the ice cream store. There you have it!

Free Museum Day

May 27th was Free Museum Day in Montreal, which I must say is an incredibly well-orchestrated event. There are different bus routes to choose from, and once you pick your route the bus arrives and departs every 20 minutes, serving as a free shuttle between the stops. The only trouble with Free Museum Day is that everybody loves a quality freebie, and after 11am each of the Museums has about an hour-long line outside of them. Not exciting.

So, on Free Museum Day, Jackie (who will henceforth on this blog be known as Jacque, as she lives in French Canada now) and I only visited un musée. This one – Centre d’historie de Montréal. And while it was our only stop, it was a great one as it was filled with photographs and stories of how this town was built and the people who built it. <insert big romantic sigh here> . J’adore photographies historiques.

The day might actually have been lovelier due to the never-ending queues at the other museums, because Jacque and I decided to walk around Old Montreal instead, and stumbled upon a lot of really exciting things. Like a place where we could try on Kimonos.

The place where we tried on Kimonos was also the place where the kind Canadian snapping our photo caught my bossy face on film. Yeesh, j’suis desole kind Canadian man…you were doing a fine job. Sometimes the bossiness just can’t be helped.

The day also included some other exciting stops such as the Grumman 78 taco truck, a cookie truck and the Bilboquet ice cream stand. Those events will get their own special posts, because, hey…it’s food. But for now, enjoy some of the sights of Old Montreal!

PS – How amazing are Labradors? This guy was just staring in the window of Starbucks waiting for his buddy to get a coffee and come back out. I love those dogs!

Kem CoBa

Definition of a good day – A rousing French lesson, lucky discovery and acquisition of a vintage 12 speed bike, and weather warm enough to use that bike to ride in a sun dress to the new ice cream store in the neighborhood.

Meet Kem CoBa, the new kid on the ice cream scene at 60 Fairmount Ouest in Mile End. Their product is so creamy and smooth, giving it more of a gelato feel than ice cream. I had a scoop of nutella in a cone, and topping out at $3 and change, it was a wonderful deal. I’m going back on Saturday for 2 scoops – salted peanut butter & dark chocolate!