South Beachin’

It could have been the amazing Mexican food at Rosa Mexicano:

It could have been the tree-lined blocks of Espinola Way:

Or it could have been bumping into an old college friend I haven’t seen in 8 years:

Whatever it was, I loved the day we spent on South Beach! There’s an endless array of Art Deco buildings, patio dining and trashy beachwear that makes for some of the best pedestrian strolling anywhere in the states.


See by the Sea

“Mother mother ocean…I have heard you call.” – Jimmy Buffett

While the weather in Florida wasn’t ideal (it’s hurricane season), there was something incredibly therapeutic about submerging myself in the warm, salty water of the ocean. It’s often the closest I feel to humanity, as the sea is so expansive it reminds me just how small I really am. So mother ocean, thank you a hundred times over.

Other glimpses from the trip:

I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about South Beach and Mexican food…