bars & restos

Fine Eateries

Olive + Gourmando – If you’re in Old Montreal for lunch, you’re likely here. Every food blog and every gal in the city will tell you that it’s great and that’s because it’s true. Don’t forget an Almond Croissant on your way out.

Le Cartet – Great brunch spot in Old Montreal, especially if you’re slightly hungover as the food comes out at lightning speed. This carb hound loves the Le Cartet Brunch – a baguette, croissant and fresh fruit served up with butter and jam. What else do you need?

Lawrence – Sister restaurant of Magpie & Sparrow, Lawrence has served up the finest food I’ve had since arriving in Montreal. Eat lunch, dinner and brunch here. Each menu is different and all are delicious!

Pizzeria Magpie – Sister restaurant of Sparrow & Lawrence (they are all within a few blocks of each other on St. Laurent) serving up a small but delicious selection of pizzas, as well as salads, oysters and unique cocktails. Make a reservations, it’s a small place!

Cafe Sardine – Part of the Lawrence – Magpie – Sparrow family, serving small plates in an even smaller location just behind Lawrence off of St. Laurent. Unique and delicious – the butternut squash soufflé is a must-try!

Mandy’s – Tiny gem in the back of the Mimi & Coco shop on Laurier serving only salads. All orders are freshly made and dressings are from scratch in-house creations. About 15 different salads to choose from, all for about $10. Great portions, atmosphere is lovely.

Laurier 1936 – Gordon Ramsay scandal blah blah blah. Point is, Laurier 1936 is a nice spot serving lunch, dinner and the occasional brunch just off Laurier & Parc in Outremont. They have something to appeal to everyone (salads, rotisserie, mac & cheese, etc) at the standard MTL prices ($10-$15/plate). The atmosphere is warm and inviting, and the homemade pickles on the table are heavenly. Just don’t stick your fingers in the jar!

Deville DinerBar – Downtown off of St. Catherine & Stanley neer the Peel metro station, this resto has something for everyone from vegan burgers to ahi tacos and brisket sandwiches. The prices are steep ($18 for my vegan burger) but the portions are huge and they have little skinny crispy crunchy fries and very large glasses of prosecco!

Vegan Restaurants

Lumiere du Mile End – Lovely little spot in (you guessed it!) Mile End, serving up Vegan burgers, salads, and marvelous rotating brunch on the weekend for just $8.95. They have vegan baked goods (coconut macaroons!) to boot.

Aux Vivres – (My favorite restaurant in Montreal, thus far) Offering a little slice of vegan heaven on St. Laurent. Everything here is good and the portions are big. You can even make non-vegans happy by eating here…I promise!

La Panthere Verte – Sandwiches, Salads & Soups in Mile End. For lighter eaters the sandwiches alone ($5.99) will do, if you’ve got a big guy appetite spring for the salad combo, which comes with a scoop of everything that’s in the deli case.

Crudessence – Raw Vegan restaurant with two locations on either Rachel or Mackay. Preston loved the food, while I wasn’t too keen. I like my veggies warm, y’all.

Favorite Bars

Sparrow – A little hipster bar in Mile End that reminds me a bit of my favorite places in Denver. They have a small beer selection but great cocktails (try the Basil Gimlet!). Apparently this is the place for music-related celebrity sightings as Feist, Gotye and Arcade Fire have all been seen in this tiny neighborhood gem.

Dieu du Ciel – Brewpub in Mile End with an always rotating selection of house-made beers at a great price ($6/pint)

Reservoir – Brewpub/Restaurant that makes their own beers but has a much smaller selection than Dieu – same price though ($6/pint)

Straight up Fat Kid Spots

Kem CoBa (ice cream) – Husband and wife team serve as the chefs, scoopers and cashier! They are so nice that it makes me wants to support this place even more, which is simply a bonus because their ice cream is some of the best in the city.


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