A short walk to Brooklyn

I just had the loveliest lunch at Brooklyn, a new spot on St. Viateur between St. Laurent and Casgrain. While I’ve never been to actual Brooklyn, I’d imagine this place isn’t far off from what you’d find along the gentrified streets of Williamsburg. It’s small counter and even smaller seating area provides for an intimate place to people watch while you enjoy your lunch. While you’re waiting for your order, make sure to walk around the design studio in the back – Brooklyn offers a really nice mix of vintage furniture and colorful home goods, all of which are for sale.

I chose the Mezze plate, which was a delicious mix of salty and savory tapas and spreads. I didn’t complain when I was served enough fresh, crunchy bread for two people, either.

Also, after an extremely tough week I found a little comfort in both the ritual of tea, and the message on the bag.

The trio behind the counter were kind and accommodating, doling out extra bread and refills for whomever asked. I love places that have that “something special” feel, and feel lucky that this one is only two blocks from my house.

71 St. Viateur Street
Open Lunch M-F



YOLO was the theme of Meg’s short weekend trip here, and as obnoxious as that saying is, when employed properly it can be very effective in convincing yourself to do things you probably wouldn’t otherwise…


“Should we get fries with our cheese plate and salad?”


“Should I have a 5th beer?”


“Should we try the slackline even though we’re hungover?”


“Should I get really close to that 90 lb Pit Bull so I can get his picture?”


Thanks for a great weekend Megs, and for bringing some US pop culture to Canada. (I hadn’t yet heard Selena Gomez’ “Love You Like a Love Song” or some chick’s “Call Me Maybe” and needless to say, I’m forever changed…)

Lake Willoughby, Vermont

On Monday morning, in a fit of desire to get away for a night, we packed up the Subaru with camping gear and enough Quinoa and Oatmeal for a small family, and headed to Vermont. Destination – White Caps Campground on the shores of Lake Willoughby. We weren’t sure what to expect as this location was picked through about a 2 minute Google search for “Lake Camping Vermont”. The drive time was about right (2.5 Hours) and they had kayak rentals on the lake, so we called to reserve a spot and headed out.

What a tremendous surprise the trip turned out to be. For $25 we got a tent spot right near the lake and were just .5 mile down the road from hiking trails. Here is the view of the lake from across the Campground.

After setting up our small two-man tent and dropping our stuff, we headed out on the road towards the trailhead. Along the way, we stopped for some old-fashioned fun, as Preston taught me how to make really loud bird/duck sounds with a blade of grass.

Then we checked out the available trails and headed up into the woods.

I made it to the first lookout (about 25 minutes in) and then turned around – I needed some beach time, and Preston is a way more serious hiker than I am.

So, he set off alone and ended up completing 8 miles or so in about 2 hours…

While I walked my lazy bones back to camp, taking quite a long time as I stopped to photograph most of the trees and flowers that I passed.

The next day, we woke up and rented a tandem kayak (only $25 for 3 hours) and headed out onto the lake. The water was blue and beautiful, and we paddled almost to the other end of the lake, which ended up being about an 8 mile round trip. I wish I had my camera on the trip as we found a tree along the shoreline that had a rope swing hanging from it. We parked the kayak and Preston, at 39 years old, did the rope swing for the first time. Fantastic! There were also boards nailed into the tree that allowed me to climb about 20 feet to the top and jump off. So so so fun.

Thank you for an amazing overnight, Lake Willougby! I can’t wait to go back.